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Safari Traditional Cheetah by Chameleon Glass

Safari Traditional Cheetah by Chameleon Glass

  • $ 7238

The Serengeti is a wonderful place… to realize your true place in the food chain… reeeelaaaaax, be one with nature, <flik..flik> your trusty Chameleon Lighter blazes to life….and <snap> WHAT WAS THAT??????? Oh, wait, that was your bowl. Too many predators lurking around THIS place, and they all want your trees. Now that your head is straight, time to roll out.

Cheetah is the headliner in the Chameleon Glass Safari series of handpipes utilizing an oft-imitated, never duplicated proprietary technique that maintains thickness without blurring and smudging the pattern. The Safari Traditional Cheetah pipe roars for itself. This heavyweight piece is one of a series of pipes. Collect them all to create your own “glass jungle”.

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